On foot, cycling or driving:

You relax and recover in healthy nature, wild and mild at once. You’ll enjoy magnificent views over hills, high plateaus, and into deep gorges.





There are paths through limestone, slate and granite rock and amidst an enchanting variety of plants (20 different orchids, wild gladioli, tulips, pulsatilla, gentian …). Golden eagle, vulture, beaver, bat, feral cat, eagle owl, they all live here, plus many rare insects.



Not far away by car:

Wildlife preserve for Przewalski horses, a bison farm, a deer enclosure, and the Gévaudan Wolf Sanctuary.



Cycling, climbing/scrambling, tennis, ping-pong, canoeing, bathing in the river, cross country skiing (28 km/18 miles from Trèves, on the Mont Aigoual), horse riding.




Sites of natural beauty:

Famous limestone caves (Grotte de Dargilan, Aven Armand, Abîme de Bramabiau), eroded dolomite rock formations such as Montpellier le Vieux, Nîmes le Vieux.


Typical villages of the Causses, Romanesque churches, fortresses of the Templar order, vestiges of the Camisard resistence movement, the Millau viaduct, the Mediterranean seaside, Nîmes or Montpellier (for day trips).